In July, 2016, I met up with some friends, who are living in New Paria, to explore the Vermilion Cliffs NM. From previous visits I knew, that there had been some side roads on the west side rim, which we never went in. We met at the Corral Valley entrance and headed then back south to go in a different route than usual. From there we went on the western rim route and explored overall three side roads, before we went back to Pine Tree Road via another trail, we did not drive before. After Shane, Esperanza and Tom split off to head home, I was running the Paw Hole route to Sandhills Ranch to see, how that climb is, when the sand is extremely dry. From the ranch, I went then back to House Rock Valley Road via Corral Valley.

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Here one can also download a gpx file of this trip:

Tracklog: Two Mile Spring, Four Springs, Lunch Spot Arch and Paw Hole, Vermilion Cliffs NM, AZ (30 downloads)

The following map shows the trail: