Spring Canyon Point Road, Moab, UT


In march, 2015 we had some time left and thought, we will do some easy run that day. It has been a long time, since we last drove Spring Canyon Point Rd. to the end. I also had some information about some side roads, which we wanted to explore. One is a trail, located between the Dellenbaugh Tunnel turn off and Secret Spire, called the Amphietheater Trail. The other one is a small side step, shortly before Spring Canyon Point. That one is, according to an old trail book, the best overlook point on the Green River. We also passed the side trail to Cliffhanger Arch. All other side roads, we wanted to explore, had been either no more existing or closed.

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Here one can also download a gpx file of this trip:

Tracklog: Spring Canyon Point Road, Moab, UT (53 downloads)

The following map shows the trail:

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