Spider Butte, West Clark Bench, UT


Spider Butte is a little secret, not known to many people. It was first documented by Dave, who provided me with the necessary informations to find this wonderful small area. It is located in the West Clark Bench region, close to Buckskin Gulch. Alf, Moni and Claudia joined me for this trip. We started from New Paria and drove up Long Canyon Rd. We followed the road towards Paria Canyon and stopped not far away from the Middle Trail parking area. It is a short, but sandy hike to Spider Butte. Dave named it Spider Butte, because on the satellite pictures it looks, like a spider is sitting on that mesa. This is a fantastic location with a lot of foto options.
From there we continued on the road and drove to the end above Paria Canyon. This is a nice overlook to get an impression of Paria Canyon.

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The following map shows the route:

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