After we had been doing some outstanding wheeling in Kingman, AZ, we went up to the Vermilion Cliffs NM. On march, 23rd, we planned to go in via House Rock Valley Road. Instead of driving through Coral Valley, we thought, we could have some fun driving up Paw Hole. This route is usually very sandy, but this time, it was really disappointing, as there was not much sand at all. We drove up towards Sand Hills Ranch and then left at the crossroad to reach the Coyote Buttes South permit area. Behind the gate of the permit area, a trail is going northeast. This trail leads close to Steamboat Rock. From the Steamboat Rock parking area, the trail continues and forms the Sand Hills Loop, which connects later with the route from Sandhills Ranch to White Pocket. There is a nice hoodoo along that trail (better to say at the end of an almost gone short side trail). The weather was not really great that day and the wind was blowing like nothing, when we arrived at White Pocket.

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Tracklog: Paw Hole, Steamboat Rock, Sand Hills Loop and White Pocket, Vermilion Cliffs NM, AZ (53 downloads)

The following map shows the trail: