In march, 2015 our friend Mal joined us for a trail run in Moab, UT. He did not want to do any difficult stuff, so I suggested to run something easy, but new to us. We planned to visit Hey Joe Canyon Rim and the nearby Cliffhanger Arch. On the way back to Moab, we had some time left and I thought, it would be a good idea to run the Amphietheater trail, which is pretty unknown. Amphietheater trail is located between Dellenbaugh Tunnel trail and Secret Spire. Partly it is hard to spot, where the trail is. Finally, it leads to the rim of some unnamed canyon.

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Here one can also download a gpx file of this trip:

Tracklog: Hey Joe Canyon Rim, Cliffhanger Arch and Amphietheater Trail, Moab, UT (12 downloads)

The following map shows the trail: