Sunday, October 8, 2017

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6 days ago

Today, we had a great trip to White Pocket. Alfred and his wife Moni drove their own rig and Claudia joined me for the ride.
Alfred did a great job as a rookie in this sandy environment.
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7 days ago

Today, Claudia joined me for a ride into the Vermilion Cliffs NM, while Alfred and Moni had different plans.
We followed the southwestern rim and explored some side trails. We also found a new secret, the Dessert Gnomes 😄.
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1 week ago

What a cool day today. Alfred and his wife Moni and Claudia joined me for a trip to discover a new secret in the Vermilion Cliffs area.
A big thank you to Dave for providing me the information about this area. He was the first one, who posted pictures about this little secret.
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I have time thanks a great, the best, offroad teacher, Christian Duelk 👍👍👍

1 week ago

On our last day, we drove out of the Arizona Strip to Colorado City, AZ. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Day 5 of our 2017 Arizona Strip trip was a long drive. We went out from Frog Springs and drove to Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse. After a short stop there we drove to Kanab Point on the east side of the Strip. Kanab Point is one of the best overlooks of the Grand Canyon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kanab Point, Arizona Strip, AZ

Besides the well known viewpoints at the Grand Canyon North Rim there are a lot of other, not very well known overlooks existing. One...

Bonal Springs Rim and One Toe Ridge, Paria Plateau, Vermilion Ciffs...

As we tried last year to reach the rim region above Bonal Springs on the Paria Plateau and were not successful, we wanted to try it this year again. We luckily had perfect weather conditions for this trip and there was no snow on the plateau this year in march. Additionally there was some snow some days ago, which already went away, so that the sand on the Paria Plateau was in perfect condition. To be faster in reaching the Vermilion Cliffs, we decided to stay in the Lee´s Ferry Lodge. The restaurant is supposed to have a huge selection of beers from all over the world.

Bonal Springs Rim + One Toe Ridge

Rocky Gap Road, Las Vegas, NV

On our way back from Death Valley to Las Vegas, we thought, we could do a trail run nearby Vegas. A friend of us...
Arch Canyon Rim, Moab, UT

Long Canyon Road and Four Arch Canyon Rim, Moab, UT

  Last year, I went into Four Arch Canyon and visited Crisp Hole. In Four Arch Canyon, I did not spot all four arches. So...
Spring Canyon Point, Moab, UT

Spring Canyon Point Road, Moab, UT

  In march, 2015 we had some time left and thought, we will do some easy run that day. It has been a long time,...

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Tracklog: Two Mile Spring, Four Springs, Lunch Spot Arch and Paw Hole, Vermilion Cliffs NM, AZ

Two Mile Spring, Four Springs, Lunch Spot Arch and Paw Hole,...

  In July, 2016, I met up with some friends, who are living in New Paria, to explore the Vermilion Cliffs NM. From previous visits...


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