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2 weeks ago

Here are some action shots from Ric Swats for Candy A$$ !Candy Ass, a few from after the gatekeeper. ... See MoreSee Less

Here are some action shots from Ric for Candy A$$ !

4 weeks ago

Come and join us for our big wheeling event in march in Kingman, AZ.We have a name, dates, and a run schedule. We'll post more information as it develops.

March Madness
A prelude to Moab

March 17-22, 2018

Presented by:
AZ Westside Wheelers
Offroad Passport
Rocks And Wheels (RAW)

Saturday, March 17
Candy Ass and Hard Ass

Sunday, March 18
The Bifecta - Twister and Wayne’s World

Monday, March 19
Home Court

Tuesday, March 20
Cow Creek

Wednesday, March 21
The Wedges and Serendipity

Thursday, March 22
Henry’s Car Wash (Blue Tank)

These are all club runs. No fees of any kind will be charged.
There is one run per day. On days with two runs they will be run consecutively.
Start times, meeting locations, run requirements and run descriptions will be posted as they become available.
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Come and join us for our big wheeling event in march in Kingman, AZ.

2 months ago

After stopping at Oak Grove for some exploration, we continued on our way towards Andrus Point.
I did a lot of research, before setting up that leg of the trip, but did not find any information or picture about Andrus Point.
But we gave it a try and went out a rough road. On the way we met a rancher, who had his cattle out at Andrus Point and he told us, that the upcoming part of the road will become even worse. So we stopped at a nice spot for camping.
The next morning, we drove the last few miles to the end of the trail. It was not as bad as expected from what the rancher told us.
The road forks at the end and the right leg is the more scenic one. At the end of the left side trail, there was not much to see.
But the views from the main overlook had been really outstanding. We had a look towards the confluence of Parashant and Andrus Canyon. Mollies Nipple was also visible in the background.
If one checks the map, it is clear, that this is not the rim at Andrus Point. One has to hike a bit, to reach the rim itself.
We turned around after enjoying the view and left on the same road, we came in.
We took a side trail in a wash, which is for sure not often travelled. Not many maps show that trail and we went there to reach Muley Point. But this is another story...
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2 months ago

In september, 2017, we met for a trip into the Arizona Strip. The first day, we went down from St. George, UT to Twin Point. On the way to Twin Point, we explored a side trail, which eventually leads to Burnts Point.
I checked the route on satellite pictures and it seemed like it leads to the rim area, but in reality, all those trails around Burnts Point had been fenced off at the NPS boundary.
So we went back the side trail and followed the road to Twin Point. There are a couple of wonderful overlooks along the road, which also allow to look down into Burnts Canyon.
At the end of the day we ended up at Twin Point and had a wonderful campsite there.
The next day we went back the road, we came in and stopped at a couple of side trails, which are closed now, but open for hiking. One of them leads to Burnts Canyon Overlook.
After leaving the Twin Point area, we stopped at Oak Grove to have a look. From there we followed a seldom travelled road towards Andrus Point...
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Wonderful trip- can’t wait to go back next September. Thanks

Great trip. Next year we do it again !!!

2 months ago

After our trip to Spider Butte the day before, Claudia and me met at the Condor Observation Point along House Rock Valley Road to explore a new location along the southwestern rim of the Vermilion Cliffs NM.
Besides that new location, which I named as Dessert Domes, we also visited Lunch Spot Arch (a name, we have chosen some time ago), the rim above Bonal Springs (with the big Anasazi ruin) and One Toe Ridge.
This was a nice day trip along the southwestern side of the Vermilion Cliffs.
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Hach, da schlägt mein Herz doch gleich höher....das wäre was für mich gewesen👍


Fantastisch, herrlich, wunderschön 👍👍👍

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Shed Valley Tank, Vermilion Cliffs NM, AZ

Shed Valley Tank, Paria Plateau, Vermilion Cliffs NM, AZ

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Box Canyon, Florence Junction, AZ

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First we aired down:

Box Canyon, Florence Junction, AZ

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Spring Canyon Point Road, Moab, UT

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Lunch Spot Arch, Dessert Domes, Bonal Springs Rim and One Toe...

  After our trip to Spider Butte the day before, Claudia and me met at the Condor Observation Point along House Rock Valley Road to...
Safelite, Kingman, AZ

Safelite, Kingman, AZ


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